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Ducati SuperSport first ride review

Ducati SuperSport First Ride Review

A first ride in the hills near Seville in southern Spain did much to underscore the Ducati SuperSport’s penchant for commuting and sports-touring as well as going fast. Here is how the bike revealed its attributes.


Suzuki GSX-R1000R – First Ride Review

Although a long time coming, both the GSXR1000 and its R version from Suzuki highly impressed us when we rode them for the first time at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore

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Benelli Tornado 302 First Ride – Twister 302

  A hurricane is on its way and along with it will come a tornado. A twister which is of Italian origin and now it will hit India. We were the first to witness this tornado up close. All right, drama apart, this is all about the introduction of a brand-new motorcycle, called the Tornado […]

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Kawasaki Z650 First Ride Review

  Kawasakis are one of the best options you have in the Indian middleweight segment. After parting ways with Bajaj Auto, Kawasaki have been on a mission in India. They’ve launched a whole bunch of new bikes, right from the Z250 to the Z1000R; Ninja 300 to the Ninja ZX-10 RR. Perhaps one of the […]