King Kenny: Three Successes, Three Failures

king+kenny+roberts+on+his+way+to+his+third+straight+500cc+title+with+yamaha+in+1980 (800x600)

Think you’re above the law? Ask the King who flunked his bike licence test thrice in a row. Odd thing is, King Kenny Roberts also won the 500 cc Grand Prix World Championship as many time. Hmmm… [Read more…]

Video games don’t make you violent, not playing them does

Rider on the Storm 2 web

Ever since I was a young kid, I have loved videos games. And in a twist of fate that would prove prophetic, racing games were (and still are) one of my top go-to gaming genres. [Read more…]

California Dreaming: Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom

Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom 1 web

After pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream, I sized up the latest iteration of Moto Guzzi’s iconic cruiser, the California, which is available for sale in India. A spin on the highway and in the hills will help see what it’s made of.

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