First Ride: Harley-Davidson Street Rod


Performance is noticeably better thanks to that extra torque. The bike accelerates quickly and there is ample torque pushing it to triple-digit speeds in no time. In fact, the Street Rod can easily post a higher top speed than the Street 750 despite being slightly heavier. However, it was the bike’s ability to cruise at high speed that impressed us the most. I was going at 80 km/h, in sixth gear, and the engine was running at just 3,000 rpm. There were virtually no vibrations from the motor. When I opened the throttle, there was enough torque to overtake a car without shifting down. I have to say that the power and torque of the Street Rod are simply more than enough for our needs.

Riding the bike is very easy; be it in town or on the highway or the twisties. One more thing the Street 750 impressed us with was its nimble handling. It takes the handling quotient gracefully up from the Street 750. The compact dimensions of the bike allowed me to weave through traffic effortlessly and it felt even better on the highway. It was in the twisties where we had the greatest fun. The sharper front end of this bike allowed for quick turn-in that made going from corner to corner quite delightful. It went from one corner to another to then to another like clockwork and it was here that I noticed that the Rod is highly forgiving as well. I made a mistake entering one of the corners, but the bike let me correct it without scaring me. Stability is as good as or better than the Street 750. I was also really impressed by the way those MRF tyres worked. The grip was quite good in wet conditions and, in the dry, those tyres provide excellent traction, which boosts confidence. MRF have done a good job with these new tyres.

The thick front forks and new rear shocks, with more travel, are set perfectly to handle our roads as they have the right amount of dampening, making for a good ride quality. The Street Rod can handle most of our roads and come out unscathed; that’s how good the suspension is. Harley-Davidson have paid special attention to the brakes of this bike as it comes with a twin disc setup upfront and single 300-mm disc at the rear with dual-piston callipers. The brakes also feature ABS, but it is the bite and the feel that has improved tremendously as compared to the Street 750.

Overall, the new Street Rod is a hard-hitting statement for those who believed that Harley-Davidson bikes are good only for the highway. This one not only performs well on the highway, it conquers the city terrain and also dominates the twisties. It has a modern, liquid-cooled, 750-cc V-twin motor that will change your perception about Harley-Davidson’s engineering capability. Moreover, it comes with a price tag of Rs 5.86 lakh, which makes it an irresistible option that lets you savour H-D legacy while letting you enjoy the modernity that is the new Street Rod.


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