From Inside the Aprilia MotoGP Pit: On the Racing Line

From Inside the Aprilia MotoGP Pit On the Racing Line (1)          

MotoGP is an exciting sport, even when seen on the telly. The excitement levels go through the roof when you watch it at a race circuit. But to watch a race from the pit garage with the crew of a competing team? Frankly, ‘exciting’ is too inadequate a description of the experience

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Honda One-Make Race Motorsport Feature Media Race Special:To the Chequered Flag

Honda One-Make Race Motorsport Feature Media Race SpecialTo the Chequered Flag (8)

Motorcycle racing is something we all love but very rarely do we get the chance to actually try our hand at it. Thanks to Honda and Ten10Racing, we got the opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush that is part and parcel of a bike racer’s life [Read more…]

WSBK Rules clarification and a new 300cc class


The end of the year calls for a revision of the rules and regulations for the World Superbike series and the superbike commission, composed of the top brass at FIM, Dorna and the WSBK met at the Dorna headquarters in Madrid to revise the rules for the upcoming season. The revision will see changes across sporting, disciplinary and medical regulations, which will now be harmonised as much as possible to the Grand Prix regulations. The move will benefit everybody including the riders, teams, technical staff, event organisers, track authorities and marshals. This will also allow circuits to host either both events or switch between the two series.

The changes on the technical end include changes in the balancing rules for different engine designs thus allowing a healthy competition between teams using different engine formats. Also, teams will be allowed to use the 2014 Electronics package for the first two races of the season, in case the new system should cause any technical problems to the bikes.

The meeting has also led to discussions about the prospective Supersport 300cc class, which will be the new entry-level class for the WSBK series. The commission is creating a working group to look at this new class and has approved the assembly of any interested machine manufacturers to develop a class structure for said category. The move is intended to provide a low cost impetus to young riders without making a dent in their bank account.

If Dorna and FIM are able to garner enough interest in this new entry-level category, then there is a high possibility of WSBK coming to India. It will also give riders from the Sub-Continent a chance to enter the glamorous world of WSBK.

Story: Aniruddha Mulgund

TVS Racing to participate in 2015 Dakar Rally


The Racing division at TVS is not one to rest on their laurels, and is gearing up to take things international. The company’s racing division – TVS Racing has joined hands with French motorcycle manufacturer, Sherco Motorcycles, to participate in the Dakar Rally in 2015. [Read more…]