Triple on the Quad: Storming the Capital

2015 Triumph Triple travelogue leg 1 web 15

Those familiar with this route will know that the toll road leading out of Jaipur and on to New Delhi is wide and smooth, but also extremely cluttered with traffic, especially during the evening – which is when were on it. Of course, having two fierce yet nimble bikes meant we were wiggling past the lorries and blasting past the cars, but no matter how much traffic we overtook, there was always more to take its place in a never-ending conveyor belt of flashing tail-lights. The closer we got to Gurgaon, the worse the situation became, until, finally, our stay for the night, the Hyatt Regency, came into view. If you’re wondering about the lavishness of the destination, it is easily explained. That particular hotel was running a massive discount that yours truly stumbled upon on the Internet while looking for a lot more affordable places to stay in, and once this absolute steal was found, it was too good an opportunity to pass up, so we checked in to rest our weary limbs in luxurious comfort.

Our arrival in Gurgaon signals the end of the first 1,500-odd kilometres of the Golden Quadrilateral and the end of the first part of this series. Stay tuned for the next bit in the following issue of Bike India.

2015 Triumph Triple travelogue leg 1 web 16

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