Call of the Countryside: Benelli TnT 600i Travelogue

_MG_4024 web

An overcast sky, open roads, and petrichor permeating the whole atmosphere: a perfect setting for a mid-week monsoon ride through the countryside. So how could we resist? Off we went on the Benelli 600i, the Bhatghar dam, near Bhor, being our destination [Read more…]

Robbie Maddison surfs the waves on a KTM

Robbie Maddison surfs with KTM in Tahiti web

You may have witnessed quad-bikes roaring on the coast, but have you ever seen a dirt bike surfing on he massive waves of Tahiti? Yes, the seemingly impossible “Pipe Dream” has been successfully performed by Robbie “Maddo” Madison. [Read more…]