First Ride Review of Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R: Larger than Life

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Is the Suzuki Recursion concept going into production?

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The word doing the rounds is that Suzuki are making a production version of their Recursion concept, which is powered by 588cc, twin-cylinder, turbocharged engine.


Suzuki’s exploration of this concept could very well have been motivated by the wish to develop a machine which is capable of producing litre-bike power, using a middle-weight engine. The concept reportedly produced a 100 PS and 100 Nm output figures, staggering torque figures for an engine of this displacement.

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Kawasaki have set the ball rolling in terms of forced-induction motorcycles by beginning mass manufacture of the Ninja H2 and the track-only Ninja H2R, both supercharged bikes.

In other Suzuki related news; the Japanese marque has also re-registered the iconic “Katana” and “Gamma” names and logos from years gone by.

The Katana logo and name has been re-registered with both the European and North American trademark offices. Associated with high-performance, precision motorcycles of yore, the Katana name could make a comeback in the form of the production-based model of the Recursion concept.

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The Gamma moniker, the same one that used to adorn the 500cc two-stroke superbike platform, on the other hand has been registered only in the European trademark office, as the USA does not allow two-strokes on her roads any more, pointing towards the possibility of the resurrection of this iconic lineage as well, although the form it might eventually take, is as yet unclear. We’ll just have to wait till Suzuki drop us an official line to find out more, and fans of this reputed bikemaker will surely be waiting with baited breaths for just that.

Story: Ryan Lee

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