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Honda Activa 125 vs rivals WEB9

Ride and Handling
Unlike the Japanese scooters, the VX has an inferior single-sided linked front suspension, which provides a decent ride, but can bottom out on bumpy roads. The scooter feels nervous at high speed and lacks stability under braking. The Swish has telescopic front forks, but the suspension setup is stiff. However, it will nudge you to go faster in bends as it dives in willingly and feels planted through the corner. The Activa 125 has an equally good handling, but isn’t that sharp in corners, which makes it easier to ride. It has 12-inch alloy wheels while the other two run on 10-inch solid wheels and the telescopic forks soak up every undulation on the road efficiently to offer an extremely smooth ride.

The retro-styled Vespa VX has both good road presence and a rich heritage. It is not really in the same league as the other two in terms of quality, though, and certainly does not justify its exorbitant price of Rs 77,700 (OTR, Pune). On the other hand, the Suzuki Swish 125 is well-built, sporty and is priced the lowest. At Rs 57,141 (OTR, Pune), it is Rs 13,000 cheaper than the Activa 125. However, it comes a close second in our comparison since the Honda is better overall. The Honda Activa 125 is a smart-looking scooter with the best components, most usable performance and the highest fuel efficiency. It is also the most comfortable scooter among the three and has good handling. To sum it up, it is the new benchmark in the 125-cc segment.

Honda Activa 125 vs rivals WEB10'

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  1.'Kunal Gudipati says

    I think the review is very biased towards Honda, as the two Japanese bikes have the cheapest plastiky feel but you say that the Vespa which is a far superior scooter with a complte aluminium body feels plastiky to you, the dis brakes are bigger and far superior to honda and the suspention is alos superioe to honda and the the engine with higher tork is much more of a pleasure to ride. If you talk about Honda they are cheats as, If you go to book the 125cc with disc brake on the website it says 76,000 on road mumbai and all dealers say there is a 6 months wait or you have to pay 10,000 Rs extra which makes the honda more expensive than the Vespa Vx. so all in all the Vespa is a refined product both in quality & performance and better in comparison to the other two Japanese one’s

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