Mumbai Police’s unique approach to helmet-less riders


2016 Mumbia police traffic safety week tilgul helmet drive web 1

On a day of major culture significance to Mumbai’s populace – Makar Sankranti, and day three of Mumbai’s annual Road Safety Week, the city’s police took to the streets with a unique message for both bikers and cyclists riding without helmets. [Read more…]

Some People Need a Ruler

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The thing with people as a mass number is that it takes one moron to trigger off a chain reaction which very well could lead to an apocalyptic result were it not for someone partially sane realising that a life, or even lives, could be lost very soon if things kept going on like they were. [Read more…]

Unleash the wrath of the gods, for there is no hope

2015 Rider on the Storm 3 web

Every day, on my way to Bike India HQ, I am compelled to cross a signal. This in itself isn’t a problem. It is mildly annoying – I’m not some weird, twisted signal-lover of some sort, but it isn’t a big deal. [Read more…]