Yamaha RayZR Long Term Review

Yamaha Ray ZR Long Term Review WEB 1


I was excited for the Ray ZR, I really was. The new marketing approach seemed quite interesting. Though I didn’t get those gold bits, the Ray ZR is still a credible daily mobile.

It’s been couple of months since it arrived and it’s been with me through thick and thin, rain and shine. Its striking design looks reminiscent of a power-scooter, and the added leg room (compared to the Alpha and older Ray) is appreciated. The most standout feature, for me, however, is the soft suspension setup. It’s just so comfortable; especially considering my daily commute involves a lot of speed-humps and broken road in equal proportion. The ergonomics, too, are very good and it never felt uncomfortable at any point of time. Its comfort is bettered by its handling — nimble and effortless.

The 113-cc engine makes just 7.2 PS and, while I wish it had more punch, it does feel more than adequate in city traffic. One of the other things that could be better is the headlamp. Even on main beam, it still doesn’t provide an adequate light spread. Other than that, there’s nothing to complain about. Look forward to another review in the coming months

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