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Benelli TRE 1130K Amazonas first ride web8

We ride the upcoming all-rounder from DSK Benelli

Story: Piyush Sonsale
Photography: Rommel Albuquerque

A loud bark from the exhaust catches my attention before the angry lights glare at me from the darkness. The next moment, a beast of a motorcycle leaps out into the light and comes to a halt in front of me inside the parking lot of DSK Benelli’s Pune showroom. The company will soon join the heavy-duty adventure bike club with the TnT 1130-based Trek 1130 Amazonas and since they had one at their disposal, we decided not to wait for the launch and took it out for a ride in the hills.

The Amazonas is a large motorcycle but looks less bulky as compared to other 1,200-cc adventure bikes. The angular headlight gives it a mean look and the front cowl has a tall windscreen on top. The windscreen angle can be adjusted at three levels using the two knobs on the inner side of the cowling, but they feel a bit flimsy for such a motorcycle. The quarter-fairing stretches back on the well-crafted tank while the engine and modular frame are kept exposed. The single-piece seat is well-padded and I could get my feet firmly on the ground despite the 865 millimetres of seat height since the saddle has a narrow front tip. The seat is well-insulated from the under-seat exhaust but the pillion passenger may experience discomfort as it radiates heat laterally. The tail-piece is mounted directly on the muffler and the LED tail-light surrounds the exhaust tip. The bike makes do with a chain final drive instead of a shaft drive usually found on big adventure bikes, but DSK Benelli have given it wire spoke wheels and Metzeler Tourance tubeless dual-purpose radials, which give it the ability of venturing off-road without the fear of cracking a wheel while tyre punctures can get a quick fix.

Benelli TRE 1130K Amazonas first ride web3

Benelli TRE 1130K Amazonas first ride web4

Benelli TRE 1130K Amazonas first ride web2

The bike offers the typical upright riding position of an adventure bike and the emphasis on ergonomics is evident. The handlebars are placed high and come with knuckle-guards as standard. The scooped-out saddle and well-carved tank recesses offer a snug seating position and the foot-pegs are placed low. Mirrors have an excellent range of vision and the windscreen prevents buffeting effectively when set at the highest level.'

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