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The condition of traffic is moving from bad to worse, which in turn is leading to a horde of people who now believe in traffic violations, so much so that even breaking a traffic rule is considered okay.

One of the many things that is really irritating while driving is Tailgating. Whether you are riding a bike or driving a car, you will invariably always find a vehicle sticking to your bumper almost kissing your arse.

Is it only me, or there are other people who feel the same, cause it gets on my nerves when someone puts the nose of their vehicle right up my rear end. Here are a few things I do that helps get rid of them, but mind you it does not always work

The first thing to do is find a way to let them pass, caused if you do not, they will honk away, till you do anyway. Letting them go past is the safest option.

Many times on the highway, there will be a car that is literally stuck to you as if you are towing it. Either speed up and increase the gap between the cars or slow down and let him pass. Cause tailgating at high speed is dangerous, if you need to brake in an emergency, you will find the vehicle behind go right into you. So be smart and increase the gap.

Sometimes when one is riding a bike and a car is tailgating, it is a little scary. Cause at times the tailamps are not very visible to the car, which then is troublesome. So if ever you are being tailgated , find a way to increase the gap or then put on your hazards and move out of the way. The other thing to do is flicker your tailamps a few times before actually slowing down, this will help catch the eye of the driver behind.

So please remember while riding or driving to give the vehicle ahead you some breathing and personal space. It is none of your concern to stick your nose in their business.

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