Idle Chatter: The Logistics of Motorcycle Racing

We buy tickets or switch on our telly over a weekend afternoon, chew our nails and pray for our favourite rider to finish ahead of all the others. Once the chequered flag has come down and the podium ceremonies are done with, it’s a wrap for us. Few of us can imagine the kind of logistics involved in the world of MotoGP [Read more…]

From Inside the Aprilia MotoGP Pit: On the Racing Line

From Inside the Aprilia MotoGP Pit On the Racing Line (1)          

MotoGP is an exciting sport, even when seen on the telly. The excitement levels go through the roof when you watch it at a race circuit. But to watch a race from the pit garage with the crew of a competing team? Frankly, ‘exciting’ is too inadequate a description of the experience

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BARE-BONES BONKERS: Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory First Ride Review

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory 1 web

By raising the bore of their V4 naked muscle-bike, the Tuono, Aprilia have raised the game as well, making it even more potent and aggressive. We take a ride on the wild side. [Read more…]