Scooter Comparison – Honda Grazia v Yamaha Ray ZR v Aprilia SR 150

2018 Indian scooter compare price and specs - Honda Grazia Yamaha Ray ZR Aprilia SR 125
The 2018 Honda Grazia 125 aims to offer the practicality of 110-cc scooters and the performance like a 150. Read on to know if you should buy a 110, 125 or 150 scooter…
If you’re looking for a scooter, it’s hard to ignore the Honda range which is the most exhaustive line-up in the Indian market. From the unique and affordable Cliq to the blockbuster Activa, they have a scooter for every need. In spite of dominating the scooter segment for years now, Honda were yet to experiment with a new sub-segment, that of the fast growing, larger capacity trendy scooters. Of course, there was always the no-nonsense Activa 125 and the stylish Dio 110, but there was a void between these two segments, where models such as the Aprilia SR 150 managed to get an impressive foothold.

As expected, Honda have launched the Grazia 125 with enough swag to take on the likes of the snazzy Yamaha Ray ZR and the peppy 125-cc engine was thrown in to match power with the SR 150. Taking our cue, we decided to pit the Ray ZR and SR 150 against the new kid on the block, the Honda Grazia.

Overall, these three scooters look pretty attractive and modern and yet manage to retain a distinctive character in terms of the design. The Yamaha, in spite of the smallest (113-cc) mill among the three, looks the bulkiest with its flared-up front fairing and bright contrasting graphics which make it look wider than it actually is. Interesting design bits such as a large headlight with a pointed front panel, sharp all-analogue instrument cluster and 12-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels make it stand out. As expected, the Ray ZR has been attracting plenty of young buyers due to its trendy design.
2018 Indian scooter compare price and specs - Honda Grazia Yamaha Ray ZR Aprilia SR 125

At the other end of the spectrum is the Aprilia SR 150 which, despite being powered by the most powerful and largest engine, has the narrowest profile. It’s the sportiest of the lot and the racy colour theme and bare-bone design announce just that. The body-mounted twin headlight, compact step seat and massive 14-inch wheels make it look like no other scooter. At least not in the affordable range for sure. The build quality is basic with standard plastic parts, but scores poorly on the finish bit. In terms of overall design, however, it’s clear that this has been designed by a bunch of Italians who enjoy spending their weekends on a racetrack. Minimalistic and laced with the right amount of Italian fair, this is straight out of a racer boy’s dream.

2018 Indian scooter compare price and specs - Honda Grazia Yamaha Ray ZR Aprilia SR 125 M3

Let’s take a look at the Honda now. The Grazia, as the name suggests, is aimed at the style-conscious ― swooping lines, sharp cuts but more contemporary than the Ray ZR and the SR 150. The design is a gradual evolution of its popular sibling, the Dio, but shares the underbone chassis with the Activa 125, and more importantly gets the much needed telescopic front forks. The lower half of the front apron is covered with glass, dominated by an oversized LED headlight which, by the way, is a first in the scooter segment. It’s neither too boring nor too flashy. The fit and finish is just like any other Honda scooter you see on the road, so no complaints there.

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