Royal Enfield Continental GT Long Term Review – Endearing Enfield

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Ridden: 7,600 km

Like: Appeal, lots of it

Dislike: Weight distribution

Motorcycles are expressions of freedom. The longer time you spend with a motorcycle, the more it grows on you. It has been a year since the Continental GT (we call it the ‘Conti’) came into my life and the odometer is racing towards 8,000 km as you read this. Over the past couple of months, I have been riding the motorcycle hard; borderline abusive. Truth be told, I feel the Conti is best ridden at leisure. Besides, the maximum aural pleasure of the ‘thump’ is found in the mid-range of the rev band; not while you are wringing the throttle at maximum rpm. Another thing I like about the motorcycle is the fact that it is a great platform to learn from. The simple and basic setup of the motorcycle will allow you to service the motorcycle at home without a lot of fuss. By the way, the only issue I’ve faced thus far is a misbehaving indicator bulb. Otherwise, the Conti continues to impress.

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Story: Joshua Varghese

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