Riding on the wrong side of life

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While riding on the streets, do you ever get irritated by the way people ride? Well I do and sometimes I feel like … aarrgghh. So here are the few things that really irritate me and I just want to know if it is me or others feel the same way.

Ready get set go!

I have stopped at a signal and I am waiting for the light to turn green so that I can take off. But before the light turns green, everyone is literally half way across the signal. 10 seconds they cannot wait. Man you really need to calm down.

Another story at the signal, the rule is you stop before the white line. But there will always be a smart samaritan who likes to cross the line, maybe gives him a feeling, wow I am ahead of the rest.

Left Turn

Mostly all left turns are open, but there are some left turns that one has to follow the signal. But no, since three left turns along the way were open, this one is also a free pass. Dude check before you leap into an accident.

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Wading your way to work

The left lane is well sort of a bikers lane, since there is enough space to squeeze through traffic during office hours. But there are some workaholics who just cannot stay away from work and need to get there asap. You will spot these riders riding between cars, on the pavement and sometimes even down the wrong side of the road. Some commitment I must say.

Lane Splitting

The white line in the middle of the road is not to ride on, but to help you understand there are two sides and you have to choose either one. There are some indecisive souls who cannot make up their mind and ride smack in the centre, making it difficult for others to overtake cause they are right in your line.

Smartphones – not so smart after all

Riding with earphones plugged in bobbing your head to music, you cannot hear the sound of a car of bike behind you and even if they honk, it is in vain. It becomes really annoying to try to get you to move.

The other is talking on the phone. A lot of times you will see people riding with their head tilted to one side, that is because they are having an important discussion on the phone. This causes loss of concentration and then a bang.

Chatter boxes

Some people decide to have a conversation with another biker and end up blocking one side of the road.


People who love riding right behind you, leaving no or rather very little distance. So you have to be careful not to brake hard, or you will get rear-ended.

These are just a few traits I remember, but there are many more and I am sure you have noticed a few.

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