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Pune witnessed a unique stunt show recently, the Kingdom of Stunts


Pune witnessed a unique stunt show recently, the Kingdom of Stunts

Words: Gasha Aeri
Photography: Bhuvan Chowdhary, Gasha Aeri

“For many, what we do falls outside the sphere of physics, but we never said that everything is for everyone,” they say. Who are they? They are a special species people like to call ‘stunters’. They don’t ride the bike astride it, neither do they ride with both the wheels on terra firma. What they do is enough to scare the living daylights out of many.

Pune had just recovered from the thrill of meeting freestyle biking guru, Chris Pfeiffer, when there came another treat for the bike enthusiasts of the city – a freestyle stunt show called the ‘Kingdom of Stunts’. What’s more, the show was a fine amalgamation of some of the finest FMX riders from Australia and the USA, BMX riders from Canada and street stunters from India.

On view were 360-degree flips on a motocross bike, a back flip on a mountain bike, a high-flying stunt called the ‘Superman’, even taking both hands off the handlebar while both the bike and rider were at least 50 metres up in the air (the Rock Solid), or swinging a leg over to the other side in the middle of a flight (the Can Can) – you name it and the riders had it for you. An excellent firework show added to the thrill and adrenaline rush the stunt show offered.
What can be said about Indian biking scenario in the time to come, “World, hold on, here we come!”

They don’t follow the physics of bike riding, but what they do is enough to scare the living daylights out of many

Adrenaline fest

Pune to host a Freestyle motocross event.

Pune to host a Freestyle motocross event.

The popularity of motorcycle stunting is increasing rapidly. And now it is about to get even bigger, higher and flashier. A Pune based sports management firm Entourage Sports & Entertainment has organised a Freestyle Motocross (FMX) show named ‘Kingdom Of Stunts’ at the Indian Law College (ILS) ground on May 14 and 15. International Freestyle Motocross and BMX stunters from the US, Australia, Canada and Chile will be performing daredevil stunts during the two day event. Even Indian street stunters will get a platform to display their talent in front of international stunt-stars like Clinton Moore, Jorel Bermudez and Lance Rusell. The stunts will be accompanied by dance, music, laser shows, fire performers and fireworks to get your adrenaline soaring even higher. Tickets of the event are available at the organisor’s office on Prabhat Road Pune, Mocha, Big Wheels Motoring Cafe Kamshet, all ABS fitness outlets, City pride multiplexes, Kolors, ABC farms Koregaon Park and the venue itself. Tickets start from Rs 500 and go all the way upto Rs 5000 to get you closer to the action.

Words: Piyush Sonsale

Yamaha partners Deccan Chargers

Two wheeler company India Yamaha Motor enters into a one year partnership with IPL franchise Deccan Chargers

Yamaha in now the official partner of IPL franchise Deccan Chargers (DC) and its logo will now be seen on all DC ads and promotions. Yamaha will have unlimited access to the name and logo of the IPL cricket team as well as images and signatures of a minimum of three of the team’s players. The company will also be able to use the players for promotions and advertisements for a period of two days. Apart from these benefits, a Yamaha logo will be put on the players’ helmets and caps.

With the cricket fever rising to maddening heights and being the most watched sport in the country what better way to advertise the Japanese company’s bikes and reach out to the potential customers? Other motorcycle makers are also joining the bandwagon, as Hero Honda is sponsoring Mumbai Indians and TVS Motors doing the same with Pune Warriors.

The association with DC may prove to be beneficial for Yamaha taking in account its strong presence in the Hyderabad market. Yamaha will also have ticketing benefits and hospitality entitlements at the teams home ground. Yamaha, known for its brand trustworthiness and DC being the 2009 champions it could well be a win-win situation for both the sides.

Words: Raymond Raj

One love, One ride – Royal Enfield

Royal EnfieldRoyal Enfield celebrates One Ride day on the 3rd on April this year across the world, promoting the love of riding



Royal EnfieldWe have so many dates reserved for special days in a calendar year, what about a special day for the biking  enthusiasts?Well starting this year, Royal Enfield is encouraging its customers to get up and ride, take their polished steeds out of their parking lots and garages, show the chrome some sun and make it shine as well as share their stories and experiences. The first Sunday of April is being celebrated as One Ride day across the world. The roads will be brought to life with the very distinctive thump of the bike, the ride signifying brotherhood and unity.Even though everyone could have their individual ride, but in order to acknowledge all as a part of the celebration the company is encouraging Royal Enfield motorcycle owners to start their ride from a brand store/dealership or authorized service station or end at them.

Words: Raymond Raj

Design Sells

Yamaha showcases VMAX at the ‘Good Design is Good Business’ Exhibition


 In a bid to emphasize on the relevance of design in the automobile sector, Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. recently showcased its flagship muscle bike VMAX at the three day long Japanese Design Exhibition – ‘Good Design is Good business’. As part of the Exhibition, a panel of design experts from Yamaha participated in a presentation session to throw light on the design aspect of VMAX, and why it is an integral part of automobile manufacturing.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Jun Nakata, Director – Sales & Marketing, India Yamaha Motor said, “Being supported by bodies – METI, IDC and FICCI, Good Design Exhibition is a unique platform to reach out to our audience and industry alike. Our presence at this Exhibition is vital to demonstrate the technical prowess of our products and showcase the Yamaha DNA. Since 2008, Yamaha has been pulling out all the stops when it came to product innovation and technological advancements. Practically every model which the bike lovers drooled over in the past made in-roads to the Indian market — the R1, MT 01 & VMAX, the racing R15, the lord of the streets FZ, the powerful commuter SZ series and the potent YBR”.


Bike India Online

The Second Coming

Chris Pfeiffer coming to India, again



We still remember our Bike India inbox being flooded with complaints from angry and disgrunted readers across the country who didn’t get a chance to witness Chriss Pfeiffer in the five cities that he toured as part of the Red Bull Chris Pfeiffer Street Tour 2010. Well, fret not as the world’s greatest stuntman of our age is coming to India again, and this time will be performing in ten cities instead of five. The event, which kicks off on 21st March will visit the cities of Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Cochin before finally wrapping up on 6th april 2011. Stay tuned for the official schedule which Red Bull will release shortly.

Words: Saeed Akhtar


Car India and Bike India Awards 2011 on TV

We are coming on your TV

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your remotes. The recently concluded Car India and Bike India Awards 2010 will be telecast on ZEE Business channel on January 26th (Wednesday) 2011 from 2000 hrs. – 2100 hrs. You can also catch the repeat telecast on January 30th (Sunday) 2011 from 2000 hrs. – 2100 hrs. on the same channel. Catch us in action as some of the greatest movers and shakers of the automotive industry come together and decide the most deserving automobiles of the last one year.

BIKE India Awards 2011

The curtain-raiser to the country’s biggest two-wheeler awards, Subros BIKE India awards 2011


As the wheel of time spins around, Indian two-wheeler industry is witnessing what can aptly be referred to as its “Golden Era”, with the international players pitching their camps in the country and launches as big and better like never before. And if there were launches, there ought to be the best ones and if there are the best ones, they deserve to be awarded too. So, that’s exactly what we did in the Subros Bike India Awards 2011. So, here’s a sneak peek into the winners of various categories:

  1. BOTY (Bike Of The Year) upto 110-cc: Honda CB Twister

  2. BOTY upto 125-cc: Suzuki SlingShot

  3. BOTY upto 150-cc: Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS

  4. BOTY upto 200-cc: Yamaha SZ-R

  5. Scooter of the year: TVS Wego

  6. Import two-wheeler of the year: Suzuki Bandit

  7. Manufacturer of the year: Hero Honda

  8. Brand Ambassador of the year: John Abraham

  9. Reader’s choice BOTY: Harley Davidson 883 Sportster

  10. Bike of the year: Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS    

    The Pulsar 135LS is a clear example of how aggressive Bajaj is getting towards offering the best to its customers. The company has genuinely managed to make a motorcycle that has good, up-to-date technologies,good performance, good handling, good styling and good efficiency. All this from a 135cc motorcycle that is not a derivative of an existing motorcycle comes to us as a welcome surprise.

    Words: Gasha Aeri                     


The new king

BMW S1000RR bags IMOTY

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the new king of sport biking. BMW’s groundbreaking S1000RR sportsbike recently trounced the competition to emerge the International Motorcycle of the Year in a judgement comprising an eminent international jury of motoring journalists from various motorcycling publications from around the globe. Regarding their decision to anoint the S1000RR as the winner of IBOY 2011, the jury stated, “The BMW S1000RR combines wounding edge technology, presentation and ease of use. At the same time it is a bike that works specially well on both road and track. Furthermore the BMW S1000RR represents a breakthrough for the combination of electronics to create a safer and more engaging ride.” BMW last won the IBOTY in 2004, with its grand-tourer R1200GS.

Words: Saeed Akhtar


Gauri Lokare joins a gathering of 660 Bullets for Rider Mania 2009
Photography by Gauri Lokare & Aditya Bedre




All of us know that light travels faster than speed. A certain variety of motorcycles is an exception to the rule though. The sound from Royal Enfield motorcycles reaches you way before the sight of these heavy duty machines. The thump of more than 660 Bullets echoed in the dense Nilgiris in January this year. The reason for this rumble? Rider Mania ’09 was about to commence.

In its seventh season now, Rider Mania is a Bullet congregation coined, owned and executed by Bullet riders across the country to elevate the culture of biking brotherhood. It was the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club (RTMC) from Bangalore who staged the most yearned for biker party of this year and that too in true RTMC style. The preparations for being a part of this two day fest commences months before the scheduled event. There’s a lot these diehard bikers have to take care of right from shopping for new riding gear, polishing, servicing and revamping the bikes to applying for leave from work and in some cases, even resigning from work. That’s how serious this event is to the Bullet fraternity. And why wouldn’t it be? Rider Mania is for Bulleteers what Essel World is for 10-year-olds. It’s where hardcore bikers become kids again. You see professionals, youngsters, bachelors, workaholics and even senior citizens unleashing their inner child and doing what they do best – taking it easy and having fun.

Prashant from RTMC presenting a burnout

This year, a host of kids were also seen running around showing signs of being promising bikers

Roadshakers bagged the first place for the ‘Overall Trophy

At the 2009 fest, the only role I had to play was that of a hardcore Bulleteer. And given the circumstances of the event, it was hardly a task. With great music, food, location, chilled beer at throwaway rates, old buddies, new friends, eye-candy Bullets, more beer, mindless chatter about motorcycles, riding experiences, biker events and competition parties throughout the fest; it is quite normal for anyone to act like a complete maniac. The highlight of the event was the spectacular group ride where a pack of 660 Bullets rode in a two-by-two formation through the hilly and twisted roads of Ooty. The entire small town was bedazzled, first with the sound of thumping motors and then, at the sight of these torquey machines themselves. Adding more delight to the ongoing festivities were the host of individual and team events such as riding on the figure of 8, slow race, arm wrestling, ‘The Pusher Man’ (won by team RTMC) and ‘Pump it up’ (won by Roadshakers). Mad Bulls from Chennai who rode in a pack of more than a 100 bikers bagged the special trophy for making a spectacular club entry. In the race for ‘Overall Trophy of the Event’, it was Roadshakers, Pune who claimed the first place followed by Inddiethumpers, Mumbai.

Apart from the regular Bullet clubs in the country who were present, this year interestingly saw a host of new Bullet brotherhoods coming to light even from far off places like Latur, Kolkata, Chandigargh and Shillong. The country’s largest biker fest attracted a few international guests as well. In its first edition, the event which attracted just 150 riders has escalated to over 660 riders this year with many more gatecrashers. This in itself is a testimony to prove just how popular Rider Mania and biking brotherhood have become in this country. I need to take a moment here and thank RTMC for the painstaking effort they put in to host such a brilliant Rider Mania 2009 and more so for executing it perfectly.

There is something remarkable about us Bulleteers. How else can one explain over 660 riders from 42 cities across the country taking time out of their respective busy lives and quotidian activities to be present at a single designated time and venue? The commitment they showed by just making it to Rider Mania speaks volumes about the strong bond between Bulleteers. It’s amazing to witness the intense passion and respect which these riders have towards their steeds as well as fellow bikers. They come together for two days and act as if they have known each other for ages. A smile, a hug and a Bullet is all it takes for them to bond forever.

Mad Bulls Chennai came in a count of more than 100 Bullets

Abbhas from Inddiethumpers poses for the camera

Big hugs to all the sponsors who made this event possible