Motor: 250W Top speed: 25km/h Range: 40km Price: Rs 31,900





Hero Electric is the electric vehicle manufacturing division of Hero Cycles – the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. Having started manufacturing electric scooters in 2007, in a short span of time, the company has risen to be the market leader in this segment.

The Optima Plus is the firm’s top end model. With styling that matches most of the regular scooters, the Optima Plus is one of the few e-scoots in the market which can attract customers with just its aesthetics. The use of flashy stickers further enhance the scooter’s appeal among the younger generation. However, the quality of plastics used on the scooter is not up to the mark. Its ride quality and handling is average but the seat is well padded and big enough for two adults. The big rear grab rail is another added practical touch.

The Optima Plus’ 250Watt motor is adequate enough for small commutes and our test bike actually touched the 30km/h on the speedo a couple of times! But riding it uphill or with a pillion does slow down the machine considerably. Nonetheless, the Optima Plus has decent brakes to slow down from whatever humble speeds it could manage. It can manage about 50km on a full charge which is appreciable. However, with no detachable battery, the scoot needs to be taken to the plug point for recharging which is a bother if you don’t have a charging point in your parking lot. Overall, the Optima Plus does what it is intended to do and if good speed is not what you are looking for, then it should work as a good value option.

The big turn signals and the brake light on the Optima Plus form a huge assembly. That, along with the front headlamp and meaty overall front end give the e-scoot the looks of a regular scooter


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