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I have been riding and driving for a couple of years now and I have noticed that every time I give way to an ambulance or firetruck, there is one smarty pants trailing behind, trying to squeeze along with the ambulance through traffic.

I have seen it happen mostly with an ambulance wherein people hear the siren, they start honking so the traffic ahead moves forward, and instead of pulling up to the side they try to get ahead on account of the ambulance behind them. How difficult is it to move to the side for a minute and then carry on? I mean come on a patient is in there, show some concern.

This is not all. By chance there is a good samaritan who pulls over to the side, there is always a  douche bag who quickly grabs the opportunity to go ahead and tails the ambulance through the traffic. One sheep goes and the rest just follow suit. Which in turn results in a traffic jam, so neither can the ambulance move forward nor can you, happy are we?

There is also a flip side to this. Many a times I have seen an ambulance go past me, no sirens and as the vehicle approaches traffic, the sirens are on. That is not fair, it is like the story of the shepherd and the wolf. After a lot of false alarms, people will not bother and then you cannot point a finger. Also at times an ambulance is used to ferry people from one place to another, yes this happens. So then one is confused whether there is a patient in or not.

But the bottom line is one must always give way to an ambulance or firetruck, regardless of whether the sirens is on or off. Cause there is no point in taking chances, a life may be at stake. Also next time you try to follow or block an ambulance or firetruck, think about one thing, what if it was me.

Make way, so that someone can live to see another day.

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