Adventure in Sport: Bajaj Pulsar AS 200

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 (1)

Bajaj are selling the Pulsar AS 200 for the princely sum of Rs 1.04 lakh, on-road in Pune. Now, admittedly, the bike isn’t perfect and there are others that could best this motorcycle in many of the aspects mentioned. Nevertheless, at that price point there is no other 200-cc motorcycle that your money can buy. Excepting some other iteration of this Pulsar, for everything else is more expensive. So, yes, the Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 is (for lack of another word) a steal if you’re on the lookout for a capable but affordable 200-cc motorcycle. One that also makes you stand out from the rest of your ilk.


  1.'Mihir k. says

    Hi there, Great review! but i need to know few more bits… and also your opinion…
    1. Does that extra overhang weight has hampered in handling?
    2. How does that projector headlight perform? (In comparison with Thunderbird 350 and or Pulsar 220F)
    And… 3. I am planning to buy bike, but confused with AS200 and RE TBT350. Please suggest.

    • Aninda Sardar says

      Hi Mihir. The AS200 handles quite well. The extra weight isn’t really noticeable. The projectors are very good and provide great illumination. However, as with all projectors, you get a more focused beam than a wide spread of light

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