Adventure in Sport: Bajaj Pulsar AS 200

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 (5)

The AS 200 looks quite distinctive in the Bajaj Pulsar portfolio — its half fairing making it stand out between the naked NS 200 and the fully-faired RS 200. Beyond the head-on perspective, however, the similarities, signifying sharing of parts with the NS 200, are obvious. Naturally so, head downwards the AS 200 is identical to the NS 200. Viewed in profile, the bike is actually quite pleasant to look at. Perhaps, a tad better than the faired RS 200, where the lines, cuts and creases can come across as a bit overdone.

Swing a leg over the saddle and you’ll realise that the bike is tall. A quick check of the specification sheet reveals a saddle height of 807 millimetres, reaffirming our suspicions about the bike’s tallness. Surprisingly, you can plant both feet firmly on the ground nonetheless.  A good thing for the bike, because the tall stance helps Bajaj’s cause of pushing this bike to customers as an adventure bike, while the fact that it isn’t intimidatingly tall means that it won’t alienate shorter riders. The riding posture is an upright one and is instantly comfortable. What is also comfortable is the all-round familiarity of controls, which are also easily reachable. Quality of switchgear and controls are shared and, therefore, are on a par with the NS 200.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 (2)


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  1.'Mihir k. says

    Hi there, Great review! but i need to know few more bits… and also your opinion…
    1. Does that extra overhang weight has hampered in handling?
    2. How does that projector headlight perform? (In comparison with Thunderbird 350 and or Pulsar 220F)
    And… 3. I am planning to buy bike, but confused with AS200 and RE TBT350. Please suggest.

    • Aninda Sardar says

      Hi Mihir. The AS200 handles quite well. The extra weight isn’t really noticeable. The projectors are very good and provide great illumination. However, as with all projectors, you get a more focused beam than a wide spread of light

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