Ventz Rider Cooling System

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Getting too hot in riding gear, these cooling ventz will help you remain cool even in the blistering heat. In countries like ours, heat can be quite oppressive while riding. Temperatures in summer months can rise to a level where a rider might feel uncomfortable enough to lose concentration. And we all know what that can lead to in our ‘ultra-safe’ riding conditions! An easy solution comes in the form of the Ventz rider cooling system. This easy to use accessory can be clipped on to the cuff of the riding jacket to allow a fresh flow of air through the sleeves as you ride along. The thing works quite well unless the air itself is hot (as it can be in north India in the summer). An added boon for riders is that the design is insect-proof and the kit is supposed to be shatter-proof. All yours for Rs 1,890 on

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