The silver screen and motorcycles


There is one thing that Bollywood films are never devoid off, it is the glamour quotient, that only keeps growing with every new movie that hits the silver screen. Fast cars, beautiful women, exotic locations, item numbers, all fit in smoothly regardless of the script and of late adding itself to the list is superbikes. The bikes add the extra hue to the movie, but does it influence the audience? In what way does it influence the audience?

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The ball was set rolling with the movie Dhoom, which has a few sequels to follow. The bike chases and stunts left the audience in awe of what a motorcycle is capable off. After Dhoom many movies followed suit with scenes incorporating bike chases or stunts fitted in here and there. It just added a little excitement and helped boost box office ratings.


All seems good at the box office, but what happens on the outside is a little more concerning. People blindly follow what happens on screen with using their grey matter to differentiate between stunts performed in a controlled environment by professionals and stunts performed on the road or that riding gear is a must and it is for one’s own damn good.

Most of the movies show stars wearing sunglasses cruising along the highway or swerving their way through city traffic evading cops. Is this correct? For me, it is totally not right. A helmet is the least one should wear, even if it just for one shot. It just helps promote the use of helmets and riding gear for better safety.


The other aspect is stunting. Wheelies, stoppies are common stunts in a movie. Well, I am happy you can do it, but please do not try this shit on a crowded city road or the highway. Practice in a ground or a place where you are not in danger of hurting someone and yourself. I am not saying do not copy what your favourite stars are doing, but at least use your head before doing the same. Stay calm and put that nut of yours to use.

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