Specification Comparo: Yamaha FZ25 v Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS v TVS Apache 200

Yamaha FZ 25 Comparison Web 1

We bring you a quick overview and comparison of the Yamaha FZ25 with its immediate rivals: the Pulsar 220F, the Pulsar NS 200 and the TVS Apache RTR200 4V.

If you are in the market loaded with Rs 1.2 lakh and adamant on landing a good deal in the 200-250-cc segment, the aforementioned vehicles will be the main blips on your radar. While we do require a comprehensive test ride before recommending any vehicle, this comparison may help you make an informed choice.

Engine and Transmission

Bajaj Pulsar 220F

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

TVS Apache RTR200

Yamaha FZ25

Engine Capacity (cc)





Number of Gears





Peak Power (PS)

21.05 @ 8,500 rpm

23.5 @ 9,500 rpm

21 @ 8,500 rpm

20.9 @ 8,000 rpm

Peak Torque (Nm)

19.12 @ 7,000 rpm

18.3 @ 8,000 rpm

18.1 @ 7,000 rpm

20 @ 6,000 rpm

On paper, the Yamaha looks the most relaxed of the lot. From the power figures, we are speculating that Yamaha are looking at delivering an all-rounded motorcycle rather than a performance oriented quarter-litre streetfighter. Despite having the largest engine of the lot here, the Yamaha also loses out on a slipper-clutch just like its rivals.

Which One is the Biggest?

Bajaj Pulsar 220F

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

TVS Apache RTR200

Yamaha FZ25

Wheelbase (mm)





Fuel Tank (Litres)





Tyres (Front)

90/90-17” Tubeless

100/80-17” Tubeless

90/90-17″ Tubeless

100/80-17” Tubeless

Tyres (Rear)

120/80-17” Tubeless

130/70-17” Tubeless

130/70-17″ Tubeless

140/70-17” Tubeless

Weight (kg)





All these bikes have front and rear disc brakes. Surprisingly, none of them offer ABS even as an option. The Apache RTR200 will be offered with ABS as an option shortly. However, all these motorcycles will receive ABS as standard post-October this year in line with the mandatory safety regulations that will come into effect.

Yamaha FZ 25 Comparison Web 3

From a broad perspective, both the Bajaj motorcycles are fairly old now, the Pulsar 220F being the oldest among the lot. While it is a good commuter and decent in terms of performance, we feel that it may be losing out to present competition purely in terms of better engineering.

Yamaha FZ 25 Comparison Web 4

The Pulsar NS 200 created a lot of uproar when it was launched and even today it is an exciting motorcycle to ride. It does take a certain level of bravery to go up against the KTM 200 Duke. That being said, it may not be the perfect bike for those looking at relaxed motoring. The rev-happy folk should be quite content though. However, the Pulsar’s build quality, service and brand name might motivate a buyer to go with the global Yamaha brand.

Yamaha FZ 25 Comparison Web 5

The Apache RTR200 4V, in both its fuel-injected and carburetted avatars was designed with one purpose in mind – to be on the road as it is on the racetrack. That part it does brilliantly, proof of which is easily visible in the TVS One-Make Championships.

Yamaha FZ 25 Comparison Web 2

The latest entrant into the segment and easily the biggest bike here, the FZ25 has got us intrigued and we will do a comprehensive test soon. While we rue the lack of ABS, we are quite happy with what it has to offer on paper…for the price, of course!

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