Scoot Shoot: Honda Activa-i v TVS Jupiter v Yamaha Cygnus Alpha Comparison Test

Honda Activa-i v TVS Jupiter v Yamaha Cygnus Alpha (7)

Moving on from the looks, two of the most important reasons for choosing a scooter in the first place are comfort and convenience. On this count it is the TVS that scoots ahead of the pack. In terms of features alone it offers quite a bit more than the other two. For starters, it’s the only one in the pack with a passing light (very handy when it comes to tackling oncoming traffic on poorly lit city streets). It’s also the only one here with a parking brake, again a convenient feature to have when parking the vehicle on a slope. Then there’s the external fuel filler, which, despite spoiling the rear styling somewhat, is oh-so-convenient and easy when one rides into a petrol pump and doesn’t have to stand next to the attendant, one hand steadying the bike while the other grapples with the seat. The Jupiter also has the widest, most comfortable seat. Adequately cushioned, the TVS feels the most comfy when one has to battle one’s way through traffic on the way home across the city. The pillion will also be comfortable with the relation between the seat and the stylishly designed foldable footrests and rear grab-handle being quite convenient. So far as the grab-handles go, the TVS has the best of the lot. Surprisingly, though, the TVS has the smallest under-seat stowage at 17 litres.

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The Honda would be number two when it comes to convenience. It is the only one to boast of Honda’s signature Combined Braking System (CBS), which claims to give the scooter shorter braking distances while adding to stability at the same time. It also gets a rear hugger that prevents water and/or mud spray from the rear tyre being flicked up. The seat, though long, is narrow and not high on comfort. The foot-board is also narrow and there is a general feeling of being slightly cramped compared to the other two for a tall or well-built person. On the flip side, the narrowness and the lightness of the scooter would also be a boon for shorter riders and women. Rear visibility on the Honda is the best of the lot with the mirrors doing a great job of keeping things at the back visible.

Honda Activa-i v TVS Jupiter v Yamaha Cygnus Alpha (6)

The Yamaha, in spite of being the newest, has the least amount of features to offer its owners. In terms of equipment there’s precious little on the Cygnus Alpha to really talk about. Except that it has the largest under-seat stowage at 21 litres. The Yamaha also has a neat little cubbyhole behind the main storage for smaller bric-a-brac like a cleaning cloth, the first-aid kit and a small tool-kit. Those of you who like your things being placed in a neat and orderly fashion will love it since it will appeal to your sense of organisation. The latest scooter of the lot also beats the other two on quality of plastics and fit-and-finish.

Honda Activa-i v TVS Jupiter v Yamaha Cygnus Alpha (9)

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    Great comparison! All these scooters are very popular and in demand and therefore exactly making out which is the best of them all would be a bit difficult.

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