Resonate Charge Plus

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Battery down! Well there is no need to worry, with Resonate Charge Plus you can easily recharge your phone while on the go. The Charge Plus from Resonate is a compact USB charger for the motorcyclist on a long haul. Depleting phone battery can often be a problem on very long rides. The cables of this USB charger can be bolted to the terminals of the battery and the actual charger can be mounted on the holder at a convenient location by routing the cables appropriately. Cable ties and a splice have been thoughtfully provided to secure the arrangement. In the 10 minutes we tested the product it managed to charge the phone by a decent six per cent.  In addition to charging your phone, it can be used for numerous applications such as a Wi-Fi hotspot dongle, GPS devices, 5V heated riding gear, charging a digital camera and GoPro. The handy, robust and easy-to-install design makes the Resonate Charge Plus a must for the serious tourer. You can buy one for Rs 2,799 at

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