One for the Road: Triumph Tiger 800 XRx First Ride Review

The Tiger may look like an off-road adventure tourer, but it really is a road-going bike, and in this role it truly excels. That said, it can also take on a bit of off-the-beaten-path stuff

Story: Aninda Sardar
Photography: Rommel Albuquerque

Triumph Tiger XRx (12) (555x370)
Just over 20 years ago, if you had an SUV, it could only mean one thing. The vehicle would sport a specific type of construction that would endow it with off-road capabilities. Its road-going characteristics would be comfortable, at best, making driving on tarmac just about pleasurable. Then came a time when people started demanding vehicles that could be called SUVs but would also have better road-going manners. The need to go off road dwindled. What followed were crossovers, SUVs that had a uni-body construction that made their dynamic abilities and comfort more passenger car-like. Now we see a similar phenomenon in the world of motorcycles — particularly the ones that are called ‘adventure tourers’. So now you have a bunch of motorcycles that look like adventure tourers, but are essentially road-going motorcycles.

Triumph Tiger XRx (4) (555x370)

Take the Triumph Tiger 800 XRx, for example. If you look at one parked by the pavement, you’ll be left in no doubt that this is a perfect off-road bike. Yet you’ll be wrong. The XRx version of the Triumph Tiger 800 is a road-going bike. Want me to repeat that? The XRx version of the Triumph Tiger 800 is a road-going bike. Should you be surprised, let me tell you that we were told the same thing by the Triumph boffins when we went for the ride in far-off Spain. But as we got used to the idea, the logic behind having a creation like the XRx in the product portfolio becomes crystal-clear, for world over there is a vast number of people who would want a road-going tourer that looks like an adventure bike.

Triumph Tiger XRx (13) (555x370)



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