Give way for a Better Tomorrow

It won’t harm you if you simply follow the rule and give way

Every day I see hundreds of bikers wear a helmet and ride, which, technically, is a good thing. When I see people ride with a helmet on, I assume that they must be aware of the basic traffic laws and that they will follow them. However, every day I am surprised to see many individuals behave in the exact same manner as they would without the helmet, i.e in a pathetic way. They not only forget to follow the rules but they also stop listening and seeing other vehicles and road users around them.

I often see many people ride their bike donning a full face helmet and going all over the road. What I mean is that they simply cannot stay in a single lane. They tend to switch lanes without indicating, behaving as if they did not see you trying to overtake. If you were a horse running in a race and you did that, I would totally understand but the pathetic excuse people often give me is “sorry, I couldn’t see you because of the helmet” I mean how ignorant a person has to be to give a statement like that when you can clearly see that he/ she can see other people on the road but not the people right behind them?

These sorry A** people are often the ones who do not care about anything. These beings are the hazardous ones who should be shunted out of the society and kept in a solitary confinement till they finally say goodbye. Today, many of you would be able to relate to this because, just like me, you guys also have to bear with such people on the road every day of the year.
There is a very simple solution to all of this. Next time you see someone behave in a chaotic way on the road, simply look at them and give them way and make sure they notice this gesture of yours. What this will do is that it will make many such riders conscious about their behaviour on the road and maybe they will one day start doing the same, which will make the roads safer. Of course many of them will also ignore you and simply continue to be pathetic. But if we all start doing this there will be a day when people will start riding properly and behave making every road users life better.

This is just an experimental technique which may or may not work however, to make things better it is always good to try and spread awareness.

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