Electric bikes: World Environment Day Special

KTM unveil E-SPEED electric scooter

KTM unveiled the E-SPEED electric scooter in 2013 and it was is indeed a very exciting looking creation. The juice comes from a 4.336 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and it takes just two hours for a full charge using a household plug socket. To know more click on the link: http://bikeindia.in/?p=12841

ktm e-speed web

Terra launch electric Kiwami in India

One of Japan’s biggest players in the electric vehicle segment, Terra have arrived in India last year. The Japanese manufacture kicked things off with a bang in India by introducing their 160 km/h capable electric superbike – Kiwami. Read about the electric beauty here: http://bikeindia.in/?p=16255

terra kiwami india launch 2014

Tiger Global invest in Ather Energy for electric scooter

Ather Energy, a Bengaluru-based start-up firm, have clinched an investment of US $12 million (approximately Rs 75 crore) from Tiger Global to develop an electric two-wheeler scooter. Read the full story here: http://bikeindia.in/?p=20485


Story: Ryan Lee

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