Electric bikes: World Environment Day Special

Harley-Davidson-Livewire-Statics-067On World Environment Day we bring to you our coverage of eco-friendly electric bikes. So without any further ado here is the honour roll of battery powered motorcycles.

Uniquely Electrifying: Harley-Davidson Project Livewire

Harley-Davidson recently unveiled the Project Livewire – an electric bike form the iconic motorcycle company. H-D are known for their big and powerful bikes, but this was a surprise. Bike India got a chance to ride the Livewire and this is what we thought: http://bikeindia.in/?p=19743

Fastest Electric Bike Unveiled

Lightning Motors, a US-based electric bike manufacturer have unveiled world’s fastest production motorcycle, the LS-218. Claiming to make over 200 PS and 228 Nm of torque, the LS-218 clocks a top speed of 345.99km/h. Read the full story here: http://bikeindia.in/?p=17084

Lightning LS-218 web

Mugen unveil the 2014 Shinden San ‘Electric Superbike’

Mugen Motorsports, a Japanese based company unveiled their third purpose-built electric superbike for the 2014 Isle of Man TT. With almost 136 PS of peak power the Mugen development team are also confident of breaking the 177+ Km/h mark. Read more at: http://bikeindia.in/?p=16836

Mugen Shiden San web1

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