Born To Rise: Harley-Davidson Stunts meet Hard Rock

Redlight King web1What happens when a rockband decides to team-up with a Harley-Davidson Stunt group? Sparks are surely set to fly.

Redlight King is not your typical hard rock band. While they perform as a four-piece unit, all of the songs are predominantly written by lead vocalist Mark Kasprzyk, who is simply known as Kaz. The first single off the new album, ‘Born To Rise’, is already making an impact in more ways than one. Much of the bands success can be accredited to their truly mind-boggling video which features the Redlight King members shredding some rubber with the amazing California-based ‘Unknown Industries’ Harley-Davidson stunt group. Need we say more?

Redlight King web2

Watch the making of this amazing video right here:


Story: Sayem Parvez Syed
Images: Redlight King

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