Motor: 500W, Top speed: 40km/h, Range: 50km, Price: Rs 35,612


After their collaboration with Hero Motors came to an end, UK-based Ultra Motor have independently introduced two electric scooters for the Indian market. Though small in size, the Velociti e-scoot can outrun its bigger cousin, the Marathon in terms of outright performance easily. Inclined more towards speed rather than range, the Velociti runs on a similar type of battery but has a bigger 500Watt motor with a peak output of 1000 Watts. The max speed of this scooter is 45km/h with a max payload of 75kg, however, this top whack comes at the cost of low range. It can manage 50km before running out of breath.

The Velociti looks quite pleasing from the front three-quarters, with design cues which seem to have been inspired from a petrol scoot. It gets 10-inch wheels and the soft suspension means it is able to handle small bumps and potholes with ease. A feature that will attract customers is the presence of a disc brake on the front wheel which boosts your confidence while braking.

This tiny scoot weighs 88kg and offers ample underseat storage capacity plus a small storage space in the front. Although it is perfect to move around in the city, the only downside of this e-scoot is that it needs to be plugged directly into a power point for a recharge since its battery is not detatchable. This can pose a problem for some people who don’t have charging points in their parking lot. Nonetheless, excellent torque and acceleration figures coupled with its small dimensions should make the Velociti a volume generator for Ultra Motor.

The Velociti’s plug socket is located just under the seat (Center): The underseat storage space takes a hit though

The front ‘dicky’ can swallow small items easily

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