Motor: 250W, Top speed: 25km/h, Range: 80km, Price: Rs 32,149

The Marathon’s responsive impulse inertia (i2) technology motor ensures a smooth power and torque delivery. The electric scoot’s acceleration is impressive considering it comes with a 250Watt motor. The Marathon is able to reach speeds of 25kmh pretty quickly and has a claimed range of 100km on a full charge at a constant speed of 25km/h though our test bike ran out of energy within 80km/h! Nevertheless this scoot is one of the cheapest to run in India. The Marathon gets thick 3-inch section tyres which lend a bigger foot print making it more stable. The trendy 15-spoke 16-inch wheels add a bit of glamour to the scoot’s overall design.

The appearance of the Marathon is more like a conventional internal combustion engine scooter rather than an electric vehicle. The plastic body panels look nice and the overall weight of the scooter is a mere 82kg. The well executed front end with integrated blinkers lends a bolder character to the front. The tail lamps are big and appear trendy and there is also a luggage carrier at the rear. The underseat storage space can eat up a helmet comfortably. The scooter’s removable battery can be charged at home without any hassle. A combination of features like a big foot board, a multi reflector headlamp, comfortable seats and good quality plastics make the Marathon a better option among its competitors and ideal for lightweight people, young adults and senior citizens. Additionally, factors like a good range, quick recharging, comfort and ergonomics help make this scoot a good product.

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