Shootout: Honda Livo vs TVS Star City+ vs Hero Passion X Pro

Honda Livo vs Rivals_TVS_Star_City_+

The TVS Star City+ is also a good handling bike, that is when it comes to city riding. Its suspension takes care of bumps, potholes and undulations easily, but, as in the case of the Passion X Pro, it also hampers the handling a bit. The Star City+ is also quite stable despite being the lightest at 109 kilograms.

After riding all the three bikes one after the other, we can say that none of these is bad to ride. As a matter of fact, these motorcycles are among the best commuters you can lay your hands on. However, we found the Honda Livo to be the most fun-to-ride motorcycle of the three. It possesses a great suspension set-up, good ride quality and impeccable handling, all of which make it an amazing little commuter to ride. The Passion X Pro and the Star City+, for me, are on a par in terms of ride and handling.

Now about India’s favourite question: “Kitna deti hai?” Our eternal quest for more km/l is the reason why such motorcycles are the most popular in India. Therefore, here are the magic numbers: the Passion X Pro, the oldest of the lot, still manages an impressive 70 km/l. The new kid on the block, Honda Livo, also posted an impressive 70.25 km/l whereas the TVS Star City+ came in third at 67 km/l. For the average Indian, anything above 60 km/l is more than good, so nobody really loses in terms of fuel efficiency here.

It is now time for the verdict. The Honda Livo costs Rs 57,109 (ex-Pune) which makes it the most expensive bike among the trio under discussion, but at that price you get to own a Honda that features a refined and peppy engine with 70.25 km/l, good ride quality and best handling of the lot. Moreover, features such as alloy wheels, electric starter, front disc brake and a fresh design add to its appeal. Should that be beyond your budget, then the Passion X Pro is the next best option. It is the most mature 110-cc commuter in the mix and, at Rs 52,801 (ex-Pune), the Passion X Pro offers a refined and capable engine with 70 km/l, good ride quality and features such as alloy wheels, electric starter, disc brake, dual-tone paint-job, attractive stickers and a digital instrument console. Its soft suspension does make it feel nervous when you really push it hard, though.

The TVS Star City+ at Rs 46,860 (ex-Pune) offers the best value for money in a package that still manages to look different from the current crop of commuters. However, the lack of a disc brake option and engine refinement are things that go against it. Therefore, choosing one of these three motorcycles as the winner is difficult, but if I had to, I would still prefer to shell out my money for the Honda Livo.

Honda Livo vs RIvals_Rear_Track

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