Shiro SH-3700 R-15 Helmet

Shiro SH3700 R15 (3)  Are you tired of using a drab-looking lid whose quality of protection is at best questionable? Well, no need to fret any longer with the Shiro SH-3700 R15

Shiro SH3700 R15 (2) Now attractive-looking lids with good protection are the rage. More and more bikers are now seen choosing helmets with nice graphics and higher safety. It is at this opportune juncture that a new player has entered the field: Shiro Helmets. Cool graphics and eye-pleasing designs are the highlight of their SH-3700 R-15 lid. The quality of paint and good finish give the helmet a rich look. It also offers very good protection thanks to its resin ABS shell. This lid has an aerodynamic shape and air-vents for optimal airflow. The inside lining is made of high-quality material and it is washable. The SH-3700 also features an integrated sun visor that can be stowed away when not in use. The visor has a tool-free quick-release mechanism for easy replacement. This lid has an interesting strap design that features a clamp and double D-ring for use on road and on track respectively. The SH-3700 R-15 is available in various colours.

Price: Rs 6,500 upwards

Shiro SH3700 R15 (1)

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