Police Model Design Honda CBR 250R

Police Model Design Honda CBR 250R 1 webHonda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd (HMSI) has unveiled the Police Model Design of its CBR 250R motorcycle, in partnership with ‘Grand’ IJS Electronics, a manufacturer of emergency vehicles warning products. The motorcycle was shown at 16th Indian International Security Expo 2013.

The Police Model Design CBR 250R has been designed as a police patrolling vehicle to facilitate quick response to incidents and provide high visibility at night. The motorcycle is equipped with LED lights, red-blue traditional police beacon lights, collapsible pole lights for high visibility, and torch light to allow reading and writing at night. The motorcycle is also fitted with a police siren with public address (PA) system that incorporates a push-to-talk button to switch to the microphone, as well as a utility box. Along with the motorcycle, Honda provides a specially designed helmet that includes a hands-free microphone to help in addressing the public while riding the motorcycle.

Story: Gaurav Nagpal

Police Model Design Honda CBR 250R 2 web


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  1. vnshiju@gmail.com'V N Shiju says

    Couple of years of good training will be required for our Police Folks. Plus, they’ll have to lose their bellies. :)

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