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Harison Motors launches ‘Funty’ ATVs in India


An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), in simple words is the fusion of an automobile and a motorcycle. It runs on four wheels, has a saddle like that on a motorcycle and is given direction by a handlebar. These are recreational vehicles primarily used on off-road surfaces. Harison Motors (HMPL), an Indian-overseas joint venture has launched a range of ATVs in India, under the brand name ‘Funty’. The Funty family currently has four models with engine capacities ranging from 50 to 200cc which will be available in western India initially, imported as CBUs. However, HMPL is setting up an assembly plant in Maharashtra which will start rolling out 15,000 ATVs by March 2012. Apart from ATVs, HMPL also plans to launch motorcycles and scooters in the Indian market, which will be mass produced at their plant along with the ATVs from next year. The first exclusive showroom of the Funty will be operational by June end in Satara, Maharashtra. The Funty range is priced between Rs One to Three lakhs and needs no driving licence or R.T.O registration.

Words: Piyush Sonsale

TOP 1 lubricants available in India

U.S. based premium lubricant manufacturer, TOP 1, launched its products in India

TOP 1 Oil Products Company has launched its premium range of lubricants in India and Lucas Indian Service (LIS) will be marketing and distributing the products. The annual lubricant market catering to the auto sector is estimated to be around Rs 25,000 crore. Of which, the market share of high end lubricants comprising of synthetic and semi synthetic lubricants stand at around 10 percent i.e. Rs 2,500 crore. Frank Ryan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, TOP 1 Oil Products Company, informed that the company would address to the market requirements of premium lubricant segment. Company’s country head, R Ramesh, added that “We are targeting to achieve around 10 percent of the premium segment in the coming 5 years.” The TOP 1 products for bikes would be available in the range of Rs 285 – Rs 750 per liter while for passenger cars they would be available in the range of Rs 285 – Rs 1,200 per liter. Further, the lubricants for heavy duty diesel vehicles would cost between Rs 310 – Rs 370 per liter.

LIS is known to be a 100 percent subsidiary of Lucas TVS, and had a country wide distribution network across 650 cities through over 2,500 dealers and service dealers.

Words: Amit Panday

Valvoline Cummins India dealer meet

Present at the occasion were Pune Warriors; Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Sharma

In order to enhance its relationship with dealers, Valvoline Cummins India organized a dealership meet in Delhi. Sandeep Kalia, CEO, Valvoline Cummins India said “we continuously want to lay emphasis on the importance of our business partners and interact with them directly.” The company is one of country’s leading lubricant manufacturer. Also present at the event were cricketers Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Sharma. Amongst others who attended were Sandeep Singla, AVP, Valvoline Cummins India and Abhinav Sharma, Marketing Manager, Brand, Valvoline Cummins India.

Words: Amit Panday

Spinning Tales

The show is over. The Pune air is filled with heat and humidity, and the spicy Indian food has lately taken its toll on Chris Pfeiffer. To make matters worse, the concrete at the Pancard Club open-air gymnasium, where the event was being held, was so smooth that finding traction has left the four-time world Freestyle stunt champion breathless. But ever the smiling gentleman, Pfeiffer happily posed with his ever growing legion of fans and then sat down for an informal chat with Saeed Akhtar. Some excerpts

Photography: Bhuvan Chowdhary, Red Bull, Urvashi Patole

Bike India: There’s a huge disparity in power between Indian bikes that we generally use for stunting and, say, your F800R. What are your impressions on our bikes as regards stunting?

Chris Pfeiffer: The Pulsar 200 is a pretty good bike for beginners. It’s very important to learn this sport step by step so there’s nothing better than starting on a small bike. I did the same. I was riding the small trials bike for long time. There’s no reason to ride a 600 or 800. You can also do this sport on a 125, 180, 200 or even on a scooter. I know many accomplished stunters who started out on scooters. Obviously, you can’t pull large wheelies on it but the lesser power gives you more control over the bike.  The advantage of a four-cylinder bike is that you have more balance than a small single-cylinder bike.

BI: You’re travelling to more cities than the last time you were here. How do you find the scene here in India? How enthusiastic are the people here when it comes to biking and stunting?
CP: It’s even bigger than the last time I was here. Such an amazing crowd. People go really crazy and I love it so much. The experience is great. Whether it is small town or large, it doesn’t matter.

BI: What are some of the special modifications that you’ve carried out on your F800R for stunting?
CP: Well, I have a handbrake – an additional handbrake, like every freestyle rider nowadays. Also a different handlebar, different seat, some different footpegs, crash protection around the engine, and bigger sprockets to harness the power better. And that’s it. The rest is standard. Engine, frame, suspension, wheels, are stock.

BI: In the video where you  invade the BMW tower in Munich, you finish it off with a somersault on the top of a 22-storey building. Don’t you have any fears?
CP: I have fears, of course (laughs). I’m scared of snakes and railways, but not scared of heights. I used to be a free-climber. I used to roam the mountains and never had a real problem with heights. So standing there, everybody was scared of me, and I was sure they would cut it out of the video clip, but they kept it!

BI: You spend a lot of time on the road with your F800R and your trials bike. Which other bikes do you own back home?
CP: I have three bikes in India at the moment, for this tour. Two are at home. I have a Husqvarna 450 enduro bike and two trials bikes. I have a BMW S1000RR, which is at the moment, the fastest production bike in the world. It is modded, with an open silencer and more than 200 horsepower. I went for a little spin on it on the autobahn recently. There, I had 299 on the speedometer, and it doesn’t go more than that – there’s a limiter. The speedometer goes only upto that, but the rev meter goes higher. So you know, its going faster than 300,yeahh! I also have several old bikes on which I have won some championships.

BI: Last time we talked, you told us that your son, Hannes, is already into stunting. Will you like him to continue in this profession?
CP: Hannes is already doing stunts on his small trials bike. I don’t push him at all, I just support him. The girls also ride bikes. They like it, and my son loves it — this is the difference. Like they love dancing, he loves riding, typical girls, typical son (laughs).

BI: What’s your favourite Indian cuisine so far?
CP: Ummm, just a second, (thinks), biryani is something that I really like, and the one with a red sauce with potato inside, very spicy, (crowd chants: aloo tikki? aloo paratha?), something with aloo. (Gives up) I like everything with aloo in it. And I am getting used to the spicy food more and more.

BI: One last question. If it were not for stunting, what would Chris Pfeiffer have been?
CP: I would have loved to be a freestyle skier or a musician. But most likely, I would have loved to be a teacher, because I love sports and biology.That’s the reality, I guess.

Kawasaki Ninja 650R launched

000ninjaKawasaki has come with all the right ingredients with the Ninja 650R

Kawasaki brought the long forgotten middleweights segment into talks again and launched their much awaited Ninja 650R today. Priced at Rs 4.57 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi (about Rs 5-5.1 lakh, OTR Pune), the bike has already gathered eyeballs for its strategic pricing and tough hit to the competition. The Kwacker’s 649-cc twin cylinder engine offers 72 PS power and 66 Nm torque and the bike sports Ninja’s signature aggressive styling. So far, Garware Hyosung GT 650R was the only option available in the segment. The new Kwacker is a sports tourer and bike’s aerodynamics and strong engine support its nature very well. Looks like it’s time for competition to buckle up as this Japanese giant is a little too much for the Korean bull.


Words: Gasha Aeri

HMSI inaugurates second plant in Rajasthan

Rajasthan CM and Honda CEO inaugurate the HMSI factory at Tapukara, Rajasthan

HMSI announced the inaugural of the Tapukara plant at the hands of Rajasthan Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot along with the president and CEO of Honda Motor Company Takanobu Ito and Takashi Nagai, President and CEO, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. and Honda Motor India Private

The Rs. 460 crore HMSI plant which is built near the Haryana Rajasthan border will build up to 6 lac units annually in the first phase. The second phase, costing other Rs. 400 crore will be ready by March next year and will boost the plant’s overall output to 12 lac units annually. The Rajasthan plant will employ up to 3200 people and manufacture the Activa and CB twister.

In the past few months, competitors have capitalized on Honda’s inability to deliver on time, to boost their sales. Honda hopes to resolve this problem with this move.


Words: Aniruddha Mulgund

TVS launches Max 4R LX

TVS ups the Max 4R with a sturdier makeover

The recently launched Max 4R from TVS has undergone a few changes and a sturdier variant has been launched in the form of the Max 4R LX. The new variant is aimed at the rural commuter and will be powered by the same 109.4 cc engine. The minor changes will include a better cushioned seat and  changes in the handling and safety features along with an optional mobile charger on the go. The commuter will be priced at Rs. 39,090/- and will be available at all TVS outlets across Maharashtra.

Words: Aniruddha Mulgund

Elec-Trans announce ‘rent-a-bike’ campaign in Pune

Elec-Trans announce ‘rent-a-bike’ campaign in Pune.

Pune goes green with electric bike rentals.

Elec-Trans announce ‘rent-a-bike’ campaign in Pune.

Pune goes green with electric bike rentals.

ET Elec trans Ltd. has announced the ‘rent –a- bike’ campaign in the city of Pune. For the first phase the company has appointed three franchisees in the city and will be renting out 50 bikes. The electric bikes will be powered by a 750 hp motor and will be completely eco friendly.  If all the formalities will be completed by the Region Transport Authorities (RTA) the services will be available from 29th May itself. Bikes will be charged on per minute basis.

Although bike rentals have been available in Goa, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh for quite some time, the concept of electric bikes in a city is unique and purpose oriented. Hopefully, the concept will be adopted in other cities across the country where personalized mobility is preferred.

Words: Aniruddha Mulgund

Royal Enfield makes a mark globally

6 % of sales expected from global sales by 2012

Royal Enfield makes a mark globally

6 % of sales expected from global sales by 2012

In the last 5 years, Royal Enfield has made significant strides in the global market. From North America to Europe in the West and Japan to Australia in the East, today Royal Enfield has pride of place across the globe. By 2012, Royal Enfield’s export would contribute around 6 per cent to its annual sales and find its presence in more than 40 countries around the world. In 2010 Royal Enfield was ranked among the top 10 selling motorcycle brands in UK in the 125-500 cc category and after reviewing the available models at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York in January 2011, Popular Mechanics has ranked the Royal Enfield Classic Chrome and Bullet 500 among its Top 10 picks from the show. It has also found a place in Celebrity talk show host Jay Leno’s garage

MV Agusta 150 limited edition

Brutale 990R receives paint job as Italy celebrates unification


To celebrate 150 years of Italian unification MV Agusta has announced a limited edition Brutale 990R. The bike features tricolored body panels in colors of the Italian flag and will be available in red, black and white themes. The numbers 150 and the serial number etched on the bikini fairing will make the bike instantly recognizable. A premium of Rs 22,458 will be charged over the standard price of Rs 10,20,255 in Europe for the cult status aesthetics. True to Italian flamboyance, MV Agusta has described the limited edition Brutale 990R as the marriage of Style and Technology.


Words: Aniruddha Mulgund