Spotted: Honda CBR500, Honda CB500R & Honda CB500X

Honda is set to debut a number of 500cc machines at EICMA next month, two of which we have already glimpsed: the Honda CBR500 & Honda CB500R.

Joining the smaller sport bike and street-naked is is theHonda CB500X, a 500cc version of the Honda NC700X. Spotted all together at an Italian commercial shoot, all three models are said to share a 500cc parallel-twin motor that makes 45PS, as well as the same basic chassis. Fitted with ‘traditional’ telescopic forks, single brake discs up front, and all three models sharing a bevy of major parts, Honda should be able to be very aggressive with its pricing structure on the new 500cc model line.

Looking at the components as well, it is clear that Honda intends its new CBR500, CB500R, and CB500X motorcycles to be priced at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, making them attractive to newer and price-sensitive motorcyclists — especially our friends across the pond who are riding with an A2 license.

Source: Asphalt & Rubber

MV Agusta reveals 2013 Brutale lineup, including a cheaper 675

They might not have had much to showcase at the Intermot this year, but Italian marque MV Agusta have all the plans to make the coming year exciting for the enthusiasts as they showcased the 2013 lineup of their popular Brutale model recently- the Brutale 1090 (standard), 1090 R and 1090 RR.

Though all three share the same in-line four cylinder 1078-cc powerplant, it’s the engine configuration for different power and torque figures that make them distinct. Where the 1090 (standard) and 1090R offer 146 PS of peak power, the 1090 RR comes with 160 PS of peak power in hand. The bike has both water and oil cooling with separate radiators and uses a cassette-style removable six-speed constant mesh transmission and multi-plate clutch. The 1090 RR also comes with a slipper clutch. Also, all the 2013 models of the Brutale 1090 come with improved suspension, fully adjustable 50mm inverted front fork, double silencers, apart from some other cosmetic changes.

Another good news for MV Agusta fans is that the company is thinking on the lines of getting a cheaper and better looking Brutale 675 in 2013. The price tag of the new 2013 Brutale 675 is expected to be Rs 6.28 lakh for the standard variant and Rs 6.56 lakh for the EAS (Electronic Assist Shift), in the Italian market.

Hit Girl to ride a purple Ducati in Kick-Ass 2

So here’s the thing, have you ever wondered why do cape crusaders and super heroes love to have a pair of slick wheels? Well apparently it’s for helping them save the world and flaunt their larger than life style.

Now many of you movie freaks might be aware of a certain movie by the name of Kick-Ass, which had insane butt-kicking by teenage superheroes. Now for their second coming in the movie Kick-Ass 2, movie character ‘Hit Girl’ a pint-sized assassin will ride a purple colour Ducati Panigale and fight crime.

This might come as a surprise for many that Hit Girl actress, 15-year old Chloe Moretz, can’t ride,let alone do all the stunts and so a stunt-woman has taken over the motorcycle riding duties for her. As in the graphic novel Hit Girl rode a motorcycle, but the comic book’s custom shopper has been replaced with a state-of-the-art Ducati in order to to widen the appeal of the movie. With this super heroine ready to battle the bad guys, we bet the ‘Deep Purple Ducati’ will smoke them out.

Robocop is now a biker

RoboCop fans will recall the lead character driving around in a Ford Taurus, which was nearly as significant to the story as RoboCop himself.

Fans of the movie will have to wait till 2014, as the movie’s release has been pushed back from the original release date of August 2013.

However, the 2014 remake will see him riding two wheels less! Yes – the vehicle of choice is now a sleek new futuristic motorcycle, with a black color scheme and elegant styling to match the lead character’s outfit. The bike features angular fairings and wheel covers for a sci-fi look. The ergonomics have also caught attention – there is a high seat, very low clip-on handlebars, and rear set foot pegs mounted far back on the swingarm, which makes for a virtually lying-down position when riding the bike. The special effects’ gear fitted to the bike makes it difficult to guess the identity of the donor bike. It has cues from Buell designs (possibly the 1125R), and the undoctored brake calipers remind one of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (2008 or 2010).

KTM Duke 200 gets new colours

KTM has always been associated with the color orange – which is a good thing as they look mighty appealing in orange – but it is always refreshing to see the Austrian manufacturer’s products in other colours too.

Recently, an all new white and black paint scheme for the KTM 200 was unveiled by Bajaj who are looking to spice up the Duke range. Since its introduction, the neon orange baby Duke has become an eye-candy for every youngster in India. With it’s aggressive looks and naked appeal there are very few who disagree with the fact that the Duke is one of the best looking Indian motorcycles ever.

Bajaj have also hiked the price of the Duke 200; prospective buyers would now have to shell out 1.43 L (OTR Pune) if they want to own an exciting, fun, utterly mad Duke 200. We at Bike India feel that with the festive season just around the corner, addition of two new paint schemes will certainly help Bajaj bolster their already impressive sales further.

Peugeot debuts Onyx concept bicycle at Paris Motor Show


Peugeot chose the Paris Motor Show to debut a stunning new concept bicycle – the all-carbonfiber Onyx, a prototype TT and triathlon machine.

The TT/tri Onyx is an eye-catching design, with its matte black and copper finish making for unconventional yet stunning looks. The stem sits flush with the top tube and neatly integrates with the elongated aero head tube. The front brake is concealed within the fork, as also seen on a Boardman AiR/TT machine. The fork exceeds the 3:1 aspect ratio limit of the UCI, but Peugeot does not plan to make a UCI-compliant version, choosing instead to focus on the global triathlon market. The bike also includes Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, Enve wheels and Rotor elliptical chainrings.


Peugeot designers placed strong emphasis on aerodynamics, with flattened handlebars for a reduced frontal area and wheels covered with fairings. The bike also has an electronic shifter, as exposed shift cables would have created excess drag. The Onyx could be sold through regular bike shops in spring 2014, when production versions are expected to be ready.

Yamaha Moto Cage-Six Concept Motorcycle

Stunting, for long the preserve of X-Games, talent shows, and circus acts, received the ultimate stamp of approval from one of the world’s biggest mainstream motorbike manufacturers, with the launch of the concept Yamaha Moto Cage-Six, the first bike designed purely for stunting.

Intermot, Cologne was witness to the launch of this nifty new bike from Yamaha, based on the XJ6. As expected, the Moto Cage-Six is very sleek and sporty, also incorporating design elements from the Tenere and Super Tenere. The gears and sprockets have been adjusted to give the bike sufficient bottom-end torque. What grab eyeballs are the stunting elements incorporated into the bike, which include front axle footrests, four crash pads, a reinforced rear swing arm, streamlined seating, and a rear wheel that carries a car tire, fitting this bike’s purpose to a T!


Stunters across the world have reacted with caution, with many feeling that a stunt bike is a very personal statement, and is constantly adjusted as per the rider’s style and new stunts. Yamaha has made it clear that the Moto Cage-Six is purely a design study concept; however, it is obvious to bike aficionados and design gurus that it holds immense appeal for newbie stunters, young enthusiasts, and aggressive riders, and could well serve as the starting point for a new streetfighter bike from Yamaha.

Steven Tyler dazzles the paparazzi with one-of-a-kind trike

Celebrities are usually known to flaunt their king-size lifestyles in outrageous ways, and when we speak about a certain Mr. Steven Tyler, it just gets more outlandish.

The Aerosmith frontman certainty knows how to make an entrance in some style. Recently, Tyler arrived and left the upscale Matsuhita sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Saturday night on a never seen before trike.

The tricked-out three-wheeled motorcycle featured custom green & gold flame paintwork which made the bike look even more beastly and was laden with such a lot of chrome that made all the people and paparazzi over there reach for their shades even in the night. Such was the aura of his trike that it would make any motorcycle enthusiast drool. Well now, we know for a fact where the ‘Dream On’ singer spends some part of his whooping $130m fortune.

Harley Davidson dealership opens in Kochi

The city which famous for its spice trade has another reason to get more famous now; America’s ultimate power brand Harley Davidson have set up shop there now.

We feel that now the city’s narrow roads will never be the same again. The city tracks will become fashion show runways literally, heads will turn to the legendary thumping sound of these mean machines.

The soft launch of the first-ever Harley-Davidson store in the state, Spice Coast Harley-Davidson, was held recently, and even before its stated official launch, all the machines that arrived in the first lot at the dealership have been sold out as per official sources. As many of you are aware, the on-road price range usually start from a whopping Rs 6.24 lakhs to a mind-boggling Rs 41 lakhs for the top dog of HD, a customised CVO. The stated official launch of the Spice coast HD is set to take place in some time soon.