New bike perks with used bikes from

L to R - Founders, Amit Bhartiya and Kalam Shah Web

Used two-wheeler portal (like two-seat in Hindi) are now offering their Premium Magic Pack free with every certified used motorcycle purchased.

This offer includes a six-month warranty on all major mechanical components, two free services, personal accident insurance cover and free road side assistance for a year. Together these services would cost around Rs 18,000, and should work towards bolstering the experience of buying a used motorcycle. The idea is to provide to used-bike buyers with supplementary services similar to those offered to buyers of brand new vehicles.

Amit Bhartiya, DoSeat Founder said, “The DoSeat experience is trusted, certified and guaranteed. Once we have certified the bikes, we guarantee these bikes through our 6-month warranty and build trust by offering our Magic Pack free to the buyer. The buyer knows we are there with him through his new journey and that inspires tremendous confidence for buyers on  Our Premium Magic Pack is a first-of-its-kind offering in India for bike owners and used bike buyers and helps keep bikes maintained as well as the owners prepared for emergencies.”'

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Anosh Khumbatta – who has written posts on Best Bikes in India | No.1 Two Wheeler Magazine | Bike India.

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