MotoGP: the laugh riot

MotoGP laugn web1When people think about MotoGP, the first thing which pops up in their minds is the serious nature of the sport – rivalries, ego clashes and so on.

MotoGP racing is so much more than simply trying to cross the finish line first: it means business, high-tension piloting, extreme deadlines when something goes wrong in the pits and exemplary concentration from all those involved.

Here’s a video from to tickle your funny bone, a collection of the top laughs of the 2013 season and it certainly is a laugh riot. We have played the video almost four times in a row now and it is just hilarious to see the likes of Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi along with a few others laughing their hearts out.


Story: Sayem Syed

MotoGP laugn web2

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