Moto Guzzi launch a new #throwback cruiser motorcycle

moto-guzzi-eldorado-introduced-by-ewan-mcgregor-video-photo-gallery_1 web

The iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Moto Guzzi, has launched a new cruiser – the Eldorado, which is an ode to the ’70s era of motorcycling.

The Eldorado is based on the California 1400 platform, and is powered by the same 1,380-cc 90º, V-twin engine, producing 96 PS and 120 Nm of torque. The new cruiser is built on a majestic heritage, but, with a modern vibe. The bike comes with the company’s latest technologies in engine management and road safety. The other features seen on the Eldorado include, 16-inch white-wall tyres, LED DRLs, accessory leather saddlebags, and a smartphone-ready system.

moto-guzzi-eldorado-introduced-by-ewan-mcgregor-video-photo WEB

The Eldorado can be described as an old spirit, that now breathes in a new body. Click the link below to watch a Moto Guzzi enthusiast Evan McGregor talk about the Eldorado.

Story: Ryan Lee

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