Long Term Review Intro – Mahindra Mojo: Welcome Aboard!

Long Term Review Intro - Mahindra Mojo Welcome Aboard! (2)

At the media ride of the Mahindra Mojo we were told that this was a bike meant for touring. As we welcome our very own long-term Mojo we look forward to clocking many miles on this motorcycle

Story: Aninda Sardar
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

The first time I got astride the Mojo, the route took me through the early morning calm of Bengaluru’s roads to the open highways and then the twisty roads that lead up to the wonderful town of Madikeri nestled in the heart of the Coorgi hills. I remember having a thoroughly enjoyable ride and finishing with a smile on my face. Now that we have our own long term Mahindra Mojo, I am looking forward to clocking on some genuine miles on this bike and partly reliving the fun I had had on the first ride astride the Mojo. You see there are certain bits of the motorcycle that are extremely conducive to touring. For starters, that 21-litre petrol tank means a fabulous range even if you’re extremely throttle happy and get nothing more than 25-30 km/l. The seat is comfortable and the ride quality, plush. Both are assets to have when it comes to touring on two wheels in India. So, while I look forward to life with the Mojo, you all stay tuned to how life with the Mahindra Mojo turns out to be.

Long Term Review Intro - Mahindra Mojo Welcome Aboard! (3)

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