Kawasaki launch 2017 KLX 140G in India

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The new bike will join the company’s growing off-road line-up

Another ideal ride for beginner off-road enthusiasts, the KLX140G sports an air-cooled 144-cc single cylinder four-stroke engine in a lightweight full-size chassis. The bike is aimed at young riders as a stepping stone towards larger 250-cc machines, and its light weight, slim profile and easy rideability make it a fun off-roader, without being too intimidating.

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The KX-based box-section perimeter frame is made if high-tensile steel and contributes to the bike’s excellent handling and easy manoeuvrability, while the 33-mm telescopic fork with 190 mm of travel and Uni-Trak rear suspension with 200 mm of travel are built to take on the challenges of a wide variety of terrain. The bike also comes with the added convenience of a keyless ignition and an electric starter.

This bike is designed and built exclusively for off-road use, and is hence not road legal and does not need to be registered.


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