How to dry off when the rains attack

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With heavy rainfall there may be times when water seeps into your bike’s instrument console. This can be a bit worrisome with most consoles being digital now-a-days. But there is an easy remedy. We used our long-term Hero Impulse to illustrate.

Compiled and images by: Rommel Albuquerque

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1. Using a spanner, remove the fairing nut on either side. (Different bikes have different nut sizes, so use the correct size spanner.)
2. Take out the fairing and disconnect the headlight from the wiring harness
3. Disconnect the plug connecting the instrument console with the wiring and remove the console’s mounting nuts
4. Next remove all the screws holding the instrument console together
5. Drain out the water that has collected in the console and wipe it with a soft cloth
6. Let the console dry out in the sun for a while. Alternatively, you could use a dryer/blower to get all the water out and dry up the console
7. Once the console is dry, check the rubber seal. If water entered the console, the seal might need to be replaced with a new one
8. Once you’ve replaced the seal, close the console and tighten all the screws.
9. Put the console back on the bike and tighten the mounting nuts
10. Reconnect the plugs you removed in steps 2 and 3. Mount the fairing back on the bike and tighten the nuts

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