Motor: 250W Top speed: 25km/h Range: 40km Price: Rs 29,400





If you want something that is even cheaper than the Optima Plus, then you have the option of going in for the other offering from the Hero Electric stable, the Maxi. Priced below Rs 30,000, the Maxi is equipped with the same motor as the Optima Plus. It looks futuristic as well, specially with those stylish 16-inch wheels and sharp design angles. The Maxi is aimed at the a wide varienty of users. The paint quality is top notch though the build quality, like the switch gear, etc. is not the best in the segment. The Maxi has neat touches like a clear and easy to read speedometer console, a big grab rail, and a pleasing rear end.

The seating position and ergonomics too could be better. A rather tall seat and lowered handlebars put you in an awkward riding position. The performance of the Maxi is reasonable given the fact that it comes with a 250Watt motor. Like the Optima Plus, the Maxi too has a top speed of a true 25km/h.

With its low pricing and specially the Hero brand name the Maxi isn’t a bad option for the low budget consumer. Within a year of its establishment, Hero Electric managed to become one of the highest sellers in the electric scooters market and has spread its network across the country through 260 dealerships. The company currently makes electric vehicles for all age groups at their manufacturing facility near Ludhiana.

The rather simple console of the Maxi reads out the necessary info easily

The Maxi is not one of the better looking electric vehicles around. The low grade plastics and the paint combinations give the scooter a rather inexpensive look

The tail lamps are designed differently – something that might appeal to only a few

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