EICMA 2013 Poster revealed – Motorcyclists have changed

“Motorcyclists have changed” is the claim that accompanies the 71st edition of the International Motorcycle Exhibition, or EICMA, the world’s most important event totally devoted to two-wheel vehicles, to be held in Milan from 5 to 10 November 2013 (the first two days, 5 and 6, being reserved for media and trade operators).The image, clearly evoking classical iconography, is powerful and stunning, and, at the same time, delicate and straightforward. The choice of a female subject was prompted by many considerations. First of all, the fact that women use two-wheel vehicles and are an integral part of the motorcycle world. Secondarily, a desire to get across a reassuring association with our vehicles. Safety, sense of responsibility, awareness and attention: these are the pillars underpinning the photograph. The presence of a child also concretises a twofold message: i.e., nowadays, motorcycles are people who are able to assume responsibility, on the road, for different users; and the intention to attract the very young through projects and concrete actions which come under the heading of promoting the “culture of two-wheel vehicles”. As a whole, the image deliberately includes elements and accessories that evoke the latest fashion trends: safety may be given pride of place alongside with suitable apparel, without overlooking charm and personality.

EICMA 2013 poster

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