DSLR Camera Tankbag/Tailbag/Backpack

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ViaTerra has launched a new version of their camera bag, the Fly. The Fly v2 is a non-magnetic DSLR camera tankbag/tailbag and backpack all in one. This is great for a photographer or a photo journalist, automotive journalist, news journalist and also for those who love clicking pictures while travelling. Its versatility is its strong point and for those of us who like to strap on the bag to our motorcycle while riding, the faux leather at the base doesn’t leave scratches on the fuel-tank. The bag can hold a full frame DSLR camera along with a zoom lens, flash and has a mesh pocket for storing memory cards. Let’s not forget it comes with a rain-cover too.
Cost: Rs 2,900
Where to buy: www.viaterra.in

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