ZEV 10 LRC: The world’s fastest electric scooter

When we speak about electric vehicles, the first thing which comes to ones mind is ‘slow & boring.’ Well, this notion just became invalid with this, the new 10 LRC scooter. Z Electric Vehicles (ZEV) of the USA are striving to manufacture a new range of electric scooters, which not only we will be the fastest in their class but also boasts of the maximum range in is ilk.

Their latest offering is the 10 LRC, an electric scooter whose stats are sure to put a few motorcycle brands to shame in terms of sheer velocity. This E-scooter delivers a range of around 225km approx and boasts a top speed of almost 128 Km/h. On the technical side of things the 10 LRC utilizes the largest lithium battery pack on any electric scooter with total battery capacity of 10 Kwh, larger than those found in hybrid cars! The ZEV 10 LRC has been introduced in the US market with a price-tag of $13,900 (INR 7.57 lakh).

Story: Sayem Syed
ZEV 10 LRC web


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