Yamaha Moto Cage-Six Concept Motorcycle

Stunting, for long the preserve of X-Games, talent shows, and circus acts, received the ultimate stamp of approval from one of the world’s biggest mainstream motorbike manufacturers, with the launch of the concept Yamaha Moto Cage-Six, the first bike designed purely for stunting.

Intermot, Cologne was witness to the launch of this nifty new bike from Yamaha, based on the XJ6. As expected, the Moto Cage-Six is very sleek and sporty, also incorporating design elements from the Tenere and Super Tenere. The gears and sprockets have been adjusted to give the bike sufficient bottom-end torque. What grab eyeballs are the stunting elements incorporated into the bike, which include front axle footrests, four crash pads, a reinforced rear swing arm, streamlined seating, and a rear wheel that carries a car tire, fitting this bike’s purpose to a T!


Stunters across the world have reacted with caution, with many feeling that a stunt bike is a very personal statement, and is constantly adjusted as per the rider’s style and new stunts. Yamaha has made it clear that the Moto Cage-Six is purely a design study concept; however, it is obvious to bike aficionados and design gurus that it holds immense appeal for newbie stunters, young enthusiasts, and aggressive riders, and could well serve as the starting point for a new streetfighter bike from Yamaha.

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