Yamaha conduct Female Riding Training Program (YFRT) in Pune

After the launch of the Yamaha Ray scooter in India, Yamaha had started conducting training programs in a bid to increase its female customer base. They recently conducted one their Yamaha Female Riding Training Program (YFRT) at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune. Although the area allotted to Yamaha for the training program was small, over 80 female students had participated. Yamaha managed to setup a training track where female riders could learn and practice the figure of eight, get used to applying both brakes simultaneously while braking and learn how to handle speed-breakers. Mr. Jun Nakata, Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. had this to say, “Maharashtra is a lucrative market for two-wheelers with considerable number of young girls and women taking to the wheels. It was a conscious decision on our part to bring the YFRT to MIT college in the city.” Yamaha has already covered Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad and now plans to take the program forward to smaller towns and cities.

Yamaha Riders Program 555 2 Yamaha Riders Program 555

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